The Global Academy for Social Entrepreneurship consists of global leaders who provide conceptual and representational guidance for the field of social entrepreneurship. Global Academy members, whose solutions have had scalable, global impact, serve as architects of the dynamic, competitive citizen sector of the future. The Academy demonstrates and defines how social entrepreneurs can address global problems on a global scale, through such knowledge products as The Social Entrepreneurship Series, a 16 disc DVD Series on Academy Members and their successes as global changemakers.

Academy Members are leaders in their field—and selected according to the following four criteria:

  • They are working to change systems or social patterns at great scale
  • They are having or have had a significant impact on a global scale
  • There is a track record of growing recognition and accomplishment over many years
  • They have become role models or reference points in their fields

Among the founding Members of the Global Academy are: Muhammad Yunus (Founder of The Grameen Bank), Alice Tepper Marlin (Founder of The Council on Economic Priorities), Bill Drayton (Founder of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public), Peter Eigen (Founder of Transparency International), Oded Grajew (Founder of The Ethos Institute For Business Social Responsibility) and Fazle Abed (Founder of BRAC).

The Global Academy serves the following roles:

Representational Role

Academy Members and staff represent a collective viewpoint on topics that cut across their individual areas of interest and represent their work at a global level to advance understanding.

Consultant Role

Academy Members engage leading business entrepreneurs, offering advice and opportunities for collaboration. Members share their expertise to help direct Ashoka’s work in advancing the field of social entrepreneurship.

Connector Role

The Academy organizes agreements and meetings between Members and leading business entrepreneurs as well as other valuable partners. The Academy builds connections throughout the field of social entrepreneurship and mobilizes Academy Member and Fellow collaborations.

Ashoka-Skoll University Network

The Global Academy established a network of academics and practitioners—The University Network—to strengthen teaching and research in the new field of social entrepreneurship and help market Ashoka’s collective knowledge, key principles, and ideas throughout the world’s leading universities.

Meet Ashoka's Global Academy Members